Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello again

Hi everyone,

So life has been a little nuts as usual. But I would be concerned if it wasn't. I am starting to get senioritus bad... and I still have one more term to go. I am just really excited to graduate. Anyway what has the month consisted of... well I took my mom to the hospital again. I told her that this is enough, no more hospital trips! She had appendicitis and needed and emergency appendectomy. She is almost completely recovered now and is doing well. Let's see... I have been skiing a few times, that has been really great. I am reading two great books right now. Sex God by Rob Bell. If you didn't know, I am a Rob Bell groupie. I think he is one of the greatest Christian thinkers of our time. It is a commentary on what it means to be God's creation regarding our sexuality. Fascinating! Also this book I just got called UnChristian. it is a study on today’s generation, gen Y if you will (we have many names), people born from (1984-2002) I think (don’t quote me on those dates). It looks at how people view the church and Christians in particular and why they hold certain views. Anyway, really interesting and I highly recommend both. So I will leave you now. I have more studies to do. Later

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

After a long Hiatus I am back

So I am back, sorry for the break. I got all bogged down in November and December with the end of the term and projects and a play and then Christmas Break came along and I did not blog once. I was very active and I enjoyed my break a lot though. I went to Calgary and stayed with Jeff and his family. Steve Tomkins was also there. I had an amazing time! I also got to see Rob while I was there.
Christmas was very nice. I got my shopping done early this year, so people got better gifts than in the past and I ended up spending less!!
Josh and Alison came back and I got to go to coffee with them. That was neat.
New Years came and went, it was somewhat uneventful. I went to my neighbor's and they torched their Christmas tree. I guess it is a tradition of theirs. It was amazing how fast that thing went up in flames and how much smoke it threw out! It brought out my inner pyro, who I thought was long since dead.
I am back in school now. I graduate next term!!! So you can all begin the countdown.
Since I both love and hate update letters this is where i will stop. I find them horribly impersonal but, I like to know what is going on in peoples lives. So, I compromise and have given you some of the highlights of the past two months. I promise to post again before March. Oh and the cool bus type thing pictured above has no connection to me other than it was photographed in Oregon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy All Hallow's Eve.. day...

Hey Everyone,
On the appropriateness of this day, it is time to tackle our fears. I know it will be difficult, but you can do it. There is deep fear in each of you, a wondering with great uncertainty if you will, as to whether or not you would survive a horror film. Well, the time has come to discover the truth. Are you the first to die? The last? Or are you the fortunate one who lives to tell the story. As with all great mysteries in life, the answer can be provided in an online quiz. So enjoy, and let me know what your fate is.
By the way, I live. At least the results from quiz dictate that I do. In others I have been one of the last to die. Good luck
P.S. I am thinking about closing this and switching to MySpace. Any objections?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm an Incubus of Viral Plague!

So, maybe I'm being slightly over dramatic (hello... actor...) but I have a cold! and I am a big L7 weenie (thank you Sandlot) when it comes to being sick. Actually, It really hasn't been that bad and has not kept me down too much. I did miss Jr. High tonight cause I didn't want to get them sick, but other than that I have been out and about like normal. Accept for the whole coughing up a lung thing and blowing my nose every few seconds. So basically I did not mind infecting the rest of the world, just not my jr. high students.
So I bet you are wondering why there are Power Ranger pictures with my and Megan's head on them... well I have two words for you, "Cold Medicine" I had the strangest dream last night and I believe that I owe it to the beautiful combo of nasal decongestant, NyQuil, and Tylenol that I was on. So, the story begins... I went back to Capernwray, but not as a student, although many members of our class were there. I went back in a new role, to protect the innocent as the new green power ranger. Megan was there showing me the ropes because she was the yellow power ranger and had been so for some time. Josh was there too. He was telling me about the importance of flying a kite while taking pictures of the sheep. Apparently, it is very important and very difficult to master. Alison sewed a button back on my jacket with silver yarn. I do not know why, but I noticed it was yarn and it was on my black wool coat. Grace was there, in the office, but as an oriental tea guru. And we had to drink the tea out of those egg shaped coffee mugs that you could buy at the pound store, otherwise the tea would rot. Jeff D*$% (censored for political reasons 10/18/07 ) was trying to become the red power ranger, but we (Megan and I) were not sure of he could eat enough apples to handle the job. (I swear I am not making any of this up) That's about all I can remember, if someone wants to interpret it for me be my guest... haha, good luck. I am going to go and take the same potent combo and go to sleep now. I'll let you know if anything else develops with the power rangers of Capernwray.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


I got this quote from one of my business classes actually and I have changed it slightly to fit with what God has been telling me lately.

"Samson slew 10,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass and everyday the same number of people are detoured from Christ with the same weapon."

We are here to fight for people not with them, don't make the mistake of fighting the wrong enemy (see Eph. 6:12)
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Dirty Hippy or Unkempt Shepherd?

Have you ever wondered what I would look like with long hair? This is my wig for the play... haha! Just thought you all might like a sneak peek! For those of you interested The play is at Rolling Hills Community Church at 7:30... I believe (I will double check on the times) November 29th (Thursday) - December 2nd (Sunday) with a possible Sunday matinee.
Let's see... What else can I tell you.. Oh I went on a first date last night with this awesome girl! I do not know if things are going to go anywhere, both of us are so busy and she lives in Corvallis (2 hours from me) but she works up here on the weekends and goes to The Way. I know I talked about The Way in my last post, but I love it so much I am going to talk about it again. It is my blog and I can do that :) The teaching is phenomenal! I mean it! here check it out for yourselves! You can listen to them here: http://srfchurch.org/theway/teachings/ Alright gang, I am off to rid the world of contraband. Not really, just wanted to use the word "contraband." How often do you get to use it. really..

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Sorry

So, I know this posting has been a LONG time in coming, but it is here. Let's see, where to begin? A lot has happened since April. I sold my car and got a new one. Today is the first day of my last year as an undergrad. Summer was nice, I went to school for most of it. I was dating someone for a few months, emphasis on was. I have just started going to this awesome college group/ youth service called The Way. There are about 800 18-28 year olds who attend on Friday nights. Really really awesome and I am really excited to get started with this. I still lead a group of middle school students, they are in 8th grade this year. That began last night, it was awesome. It is going to be a great year at Extreme (that is what the JR high is called, appropriate title I think) I'm in a new play. It is a Christmas play. I am a singing and dancing shepherd.... yes. So needless to say it would be worth your while to make it down to see that, cause I can almost guarantee you that it will not happen again. They must have caught me at a weak moment when I agreed to do this. It is a Christmas play and should be fun and entertaining. My knee is doing well, thankfully I can still be very active. Spiritually, I am well too. I mean I still struggle with the same ol' crap that always gets me down, some days are better than others. Just a constant reminder of how much I need Jesus and a community of Christ followers to fill all those great roles that they do in our lives. But this year is going to be full of a lot of changes and God has really been doing a lot to prepare me for this. Well, I would love to continue, but I must off to class. I love you all.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, I'm still alive

Sorry Caleb, I pulled though. Look on the bright side... oh there has to be one somewhere, just keep looking.

Anyway, yes, the surgery went very well. I do not remember a thing and I came out with both my legs attached. (Two things I was worried about the reverse happening) Oh and they operated on the correct leg too. But, I have good news and bad news. I will start with the bad, the tare in my lateral (outside) meniscus was too great and they could not fix it. They removed a big chuck of floating cartledge, about 2 cm long and 1cm wide. That little guy was causing all the problems. So, I will be able to resume my daily activities soon. However, I will never be able to run that marathon I had been working towards for the last few years... That was the hardest to hear. It is not that I could not go out and run the 26.2 miles in one go, but since that is impossible for me at this current state of fitness I will not be able to do it. It would be really bad for my knee to go through the training for it. Onto the Good! I am not it a brace because there was nothing to fix!!! so the healing time will be much much faster and I will not have to go through near as much physical therapy. I will only have to be on crutches for two weeks. In other good news, the drugs they gave me are really really good... So I hope all is well with you all. I will be in touch.